TCD Unveils New Job Recruiting Website


If you live in the valley and you are in need of a job, it could be just a click away.

On Monday, July 30, Twin Cities Development unveiled its new Web site designed to make finding a job or finding the right employee a lot easier and much faster.

The new site is


During a special preview of the Web site at the Harms Advanced Tecnology Center, TCD Director Rawnda Pierce spoke about the newest tool designed to showcase the community and help both employers and those looking for jobs in the valley.

Pierce said the web site was designed to be easy to use and would cover available positions from Bayard to Morrill as well as job offerings from some of the state’s largest employers, including Cabela’s.

She said TCD staff will speak to employers around the valley to see if they would be interested in utilizing the service.

Assisting TCD with the web site is Tim Erickson, an economic development consultant for Careerlink/AIM Institute of Omaha.  Erickson said the Careerlink site has been in the Omaha area for about 13 years, and after the success it had there the company believes it’s time to branch out across the state.

“The Scottsbluff-Gering area has agreed to have a great partnership with us and we’re real excited about the opportunities that we can have in this particular area of the state.  We will be expanding to the rest of the state as well,”  he said.  He said the Careerlink web site is a place where job seekers can post a resume, online, and companies can post openings.  The site receives 18 million hits a week.  “We also have about 20,000 resumes that are included with Careerlink, so it will hopefully give a pool to those employers to be able to go out and find the right worker for the right situation in the Scottsbluff-Gering area,” said Erickson.

The idea of building a web site specially designed to address job recruitment in the area was first discussed during a meeting with business and industry leaders last winter.  In the past, TCD had worked with local businesses to expand and create new jobs.  That work resulted in considerable growth and success, according to Darla Heggem, employee recruitment manager for TCD.

“Now you’re only one click away from finding a life in the valley,” said Heggem.

Heggem, who was recently hired by TCD, was put in charge of developing and creating the CommunityLINK web site.

The new web site provides a link to the community for everyone.  The following links are included:

  • Newcomer’s Link-to hook up utilities, find a house, daycare, license/register car.
  • Education Link-Link to all schools and educational opportunities.
  • Healthcare Link-Link to all healthcare services and professionals.
  • Economic Development Link-Link to TCD & other development organizations.
  • Chamber of Commerce Link-Link to the Chamber and events Calendar
  • Travel & Hospitality Link-Link to the airport, transportation choices, hotels, and tourism.
  • Media Link-Link to local news and our community video.

Several other links are provided on the web site, said Pierce, with the most important being the Jobs Link, which she said is the impetus for the web site.

“To enhance the recruiting portion, we have contracted with the AIM Institute of Omaha to provide a back end data base for our site, containing all of the job posting information,” said Heggem.

“This information will also be posted on  The Jobs Link will serve as a ‘One-Stop’ job listing service for Scottsbluff/Gering and the surrounding TCD communities from Morrill to Bridgeport.”

Pierce said that for a ‘nominal fee,” TCD would post all available jobs in the community for any business that is a member of TCD.

While there is a cost to posting jobs, Pierce said there is no cost involved for someone to upload a resume onto the web site.

She said TCD is also in the process of forming three committees that would be used in education, marketing, and events to welcome newcomers to the community.

“All jobs will be marketed on a local, regional and national level.  Using, we will be able to reach multiple colleges, universities, job fairs, as well as reach a national audience,” said Pierce.

“Additionally, we have access to their resume database to match specific job seekers to employers in the area.  This web site, once marketed could become a powerful tool for our area businesses to recruit workforce to the area.”

~article courtesy of Scottsbluff Star Herald
written by Roger Holsinger, Assistant Editor