Darnell Named TCD Board President


Twin Cities Development named Brenda Darnell it’s board president for the upcoming year, at today’s annual meeting at the Harms Advanced Technology Center.

Over the past year, Twin Cities Development has become no longer only about Economic Development.

As the board selected a new president for the upcoming year, TCD showed it’s membership why workforce development and housing development are also a big part in attracting new businesses.


Darnell says when it comes to attracting new people and businesses, it’s the community selling itself.

‘A single individual doesn’t sell the area.  It’s really the community sellilng itself,” Darnell said. “Just because we have the availability of a job, that doesn’t mean that’s going to have somebody come into our community and stay in the community.

TCD has always done well bringing in businesses.  This year it created wehavejobs.net, to attract employees.

Not only does the site post job openings, it also shows what there is to do in the Panhandle.

~KOTA News