Professional Service Organizations

Scottsbluff and Gering offer an abundance of organizations to help you to become established in your new community.  By joining one of our clubs or organizations that match your interests and lifestyle, you will be able to meet new people while doing something you enjoy! Take a look at the variety of opportunities where you can become an active member of our community.



AARP American Assoc. of Retired Persons                     308-632-2245
1508 4th Ave, Scottsbluff                                                       Vernon Allan

AAUW-American Assoc of University Women                 308-635-0171
34 Crestview Rd, Gering                                                    Roxie Engelland

American Cancer Society                                               308-220-4477
RWMC 3700 Ave B, Scottsbluff                                      Rosalind Trujillo-Rico

Al-Anon Arid Acres Family Groups                                 308-632-4958
1718 Ave C, Scottsbluff, NE

Alcoholics Anonymous                                                  308-635-1832
24 hour help line                                                                800-560-2125

Alcoholic Anonymous-New Hope          308-635-0828/800-560-2125
801 Broadway Scottsbluff, NE

Alzheimer’s Association                                                 308-635-5230
1517 Broadway, Ste 122, Scottsbluff, NE                             Bobbie Turner

American Heart Association                                          308-632-8044
19 Michael St, Gering, NE                                                 Marilyn Goddard

American Red Cross                                                      308-635-2114
3701 Ave D, Scottsbluff, NE

Archery Association                                                      308-632-5506
Dave Micheels




Beta Sigma Phi-Beta Omega Chapter                            308-635-2852
3714 Juniper Drive, Scottsbluff                                                Lynn Charles

Birthright of Scottsbluff                                              308-632-5866
10 E 17th St, Scottsbluff Bernadine Overman

Bluff’s Shooters                                                          308-436-2597
1605 N St, Gering

BPO Does#21                                                              308-436-4186
175 M St, Gering                                                                  Eileen Sieb

Business & Professional Women  (Monument)              308-632-8430
Contact:  Linda Redfern

Business & Professional Women (Panhandle)                308-632-4074
President:  Sandy Gutwein



Cancer Support Group                                                 308-630-1348
RWMC Cancer Treatment Ctr, 3911 Ave B, Ste 100            Carol Diffendaffer

CASA of Scotts Bluff County                                       308-633-1059
115 Railway  Scottsbluff

Cooperative Ministries Council                                     308-632-8023
Calvary Lutheran Church 17 E 27th St, Scottsbluff                   Nancy Steele

Cosmopolitan Club                                                      308-632-5853
610 W 32nd St, Scottsbluff                                                 Kelly Beatty

Crime Stoppers                                                 308-632-STOP(7867)
1818 Ave A, Scottsbluff



Daughter of the American Revolution             
nikkal@panhandle.netnikkal@panhandle.netThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Katahdin Chapter

Delta Kappa Gamma                                                   308-635-2607
Rogine Sweene                                                        

Democrats – Scotts Bluff County                                308-339-0195
PO Box 1794, Scottsbluff                                                  Jeff Leanna

Diabetic Youth Camp, Camp Cosmo                            308-630-1442
RWMC-Community Health, 3700 Ave B, Scottsbluff                  Connie Rupp

DOVES (Domestic Violence Emergency Services)          308-436-4357
2035 10th Street, Scottsbluff

Downtown Scottsbluff Business Association             308-632-6407
1719 Broadway, Scottsbluff                                                 Lela Franklin

Ducks Unlimited                                                         308-635-1212
1522 21st Ave, Scottsbluff




Eagles Fraternal Order                                                308-632-8831
3765 10th Street, Gering

Eastern Star – Dome Rock Chapter 215                     308-635-0404
702 W 15th Street, Scottsbluff                                          Karen Nichols

Elk’s Lodge                                                               308-632-2666
1614 1st Avenue, Scottsbluff



Fair Board – Scotts Bluff County                              308-623-1828
Mitchell Fairgrounds, PO Box 157, Mitchell, NE

Friends of Agate Fossil Beds                                     308-436-4311
301 River Road, Harrison, NE

Friends of the Midwest Theater                               308-632-4311
1702 Broadway, Scottsbluff

Friends & Volunteers of Regional West                  308-630-1271
1614 1st Avenue, Scottsbluff




Gering Business Club 308-436-6886
1050 M Street, Gering                                            Karla Niedan

Gering Convention & Visitor’s Bureau 308-436-6886
1050 M Street, Gering                                            Karla Niedan

Golf Association, Monument View Ladies 308-436-5408

1525 Meadowlark Blvd, Gering Vickie Nemnich

Guadalupano Dancers 308-632-2845

1200 E 9th St, Scottsbluff



Habitat for Humanity 308-633-2368

1624 2nd Ave, Scottsbluff

Handicapped Children Summper Program-Camp Scott 308-436-5668

PO Box 143, Scottsbluff Linda Schmucker

The Hiram Scott College Web Site 308-632-5805

2410 4th Ave, Scottsbluff Mark Masterton

Humane Society, Panhandle 308-635-0922

126 S Beltline Hwy W, Scottsbluff Deb Schulte, Director

Hunt»s Acres Community Center 308-632-7804

26 S Beltline Hwy W, Scottsbluff Maryanne McCormick



International Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF)                   308-436-2826

800 N St, Gering, NE


Jaycees-Scottsbluff                                                     308-635-6817

PO Box 271  Scottsbluff, NE


Keep Scottsbluff/Gering Beautiful                                308-632-4649

115 Railway St, Ste A-1-7, Scottsbluff                Kathy Kropuenske, Director

Kiwanis-Gering                                                              308-632-7640

2920 Applewood, Gering              (Thursday AM-Legal Grounds Coffee Shop)

Kiwanis, Scottsbluff                                                      308-635-8613

PO BOx 941 Scottsbluff                                           (Thursday Noon – Elks)

Kiwanis, North Platte Valley                                          308-635-0757

1 West 35th St, Scottsbluff                                     (Tuesday AM – Perkins)

Knights of Columbus                                                     308-632-6573

1719 1st Ave, Scottsbluff                                                           Ray Rezak



Lions Club  (Evening)                                                    308-632-7368

1610 Ave H, Scottsbluff

Lions Club                                                                     308-632-3811

PO Box 784, Scottsbluff

Lutheran Family Services                                               308-635-2535

1712 Ave B, Scottsbluff,


Make a Wish Foundation                              308-635-3711/220-4477

Regional West Medical Center 4021 Ave B, Scottsbluff


Masonic Hall-Scottsbluff                                                308-632-8531

PO Box 353, Scottsbluff, NE

Masonic Hall-Gering                                                       308-436-2225

1434 10th St, Gering, NE

Monument Valley Pathways, Inc                                   308-632-6570

PO Box 731, Scottsbluff, NE  Troy Hilyard-President

Moose Lodge  #459                                                      308-632-4711

2540 N 10th St, Gering

Moose Women                                                              308-632-4711

2540 N 10th St, Gering

(MOPS) Mothers of Preschoolers                                   308-436-2554

3617 5th Ave (Zion Evangelical Church)                              Jennifer Jackson


Nebraska Children’s Home-Adoption                             308-632-8377

21 E 20th St, Scottsbluff, NE

North Platte Valley Artist Guild                                      308-623-1046

1626 19th Ave, Mitchell                                                    Michelle Denton

North Platte Valley Historical Association                     308-436-5411

PO Box 435, Gering


Oregon Trail Community Foundation                             308-635-3393

115 Railway Ave, Scottsbluff                                     Bev Overman, Director

Oregon Trail Days                                                         308-436-4457

PO Box 222, Gering  Marv Richard


Panhandle Astronomy Club                                         308-436-5124

panhandleastronomyclub@yahoo.companhandleastronomyclub@yahoo.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Bruce or Virginia Mues

Panhandle Community Services                                   308-635-3089

3350 10th St, Gering

Pheasants Forever, Oregon Trail Chapter                     308-632-6347

PO Box 414, Scottsbluff, NE

Platte Valley Children’s Chorus                                    308-635-1653

Westmoor School, 2017 E 31st St, Scottsbluff              Charlotte Browning

Platte Valley Human Resource Association                  308-635-3711

4021 Ave B   Karen Kling


Quilt Guild, Panhandle                                                 308-632-5696

4029 Cottonwood, Scottsbluff                                           Cindy Scheinost


Recycling Center, City of Scottsbluff                          308-630-0985

9 E 12th St, Scottsbluff

Republican Party of Scott Bluff County                      308-635-1134

3321 Ave I, Scottsbluff  Neal Smith

Republican Women                                                     308-436-4031

1800 Bluff View Drive, Gering, NE  Judy Meter

Rotary International                                                  308-635-3113

PO Box 53, Scottsbluff, NE        (Tuesday – Noon – Scottsbluff Country Club)


Saddle Club, Panhandle                                             308-632-2566

10738 Hwy 71, Scottsbluff  Patty Larsen

Scotts Bluff County Fair                                             308-623-1828

PO Box 157, Mitchell, NE

Senior Center, Jaycees                                               308-632-0263

2302 Broadway, Scottsbluff

Senior Center, Gering                                                 308-436-3232

PO Box 681, Gering                                                  Margaret Neumann

Shrine Club, Panhandle                                              308-635-2366

Scottsbluff, NE

Soroptimist International                                           308-630-7989

PO Box 53, Scottsbluff, NE(1st & 3rd Thurs – Noon – Scottsbluff Country Club)

Sugar Valley Rally                                                       308-632-2133

PO Box 1350, Scottsbluff

Square Dance Club  (Pairs n Half)                               308-436-2826

800 N St, Gering

Sugar Valley Singers                                                  308-635-3250

1918 9th Ave, Scottsbluff                                                  Harry Dowell


Teammates Mentoring Program of Nebraska             308-632-8930

60156 Victory Ln, Scottsbluff                                           Penny Pahlke

Toastmasters #944                                                  308-635-3588

1102 W 42nd, Scottsbluff, Mondays 7pm (Vet’s Home)  Open to all

Toastmasters-Sunrise Bluffers #6347                               632-7956

301 W Hwy 26,  Scottsbluff                                               Megan Vega

Theatre West Summer Repertory Theatre                 308-632-2226

311 E 37th St, Scottsbluff                                             Judy Chaloupka


United Way, Scotts Bluff County                              308-635-2522

1517 Broadway, Ste 106, Scottsbluff               Stephanie Black, Director

Univ of NE Panhandle Foundation/Alumni Office       308-632-1207

4502 Ave I , Scottsbluff                                             Barb Schlothauer


Valley Voices                                                             308-635-2644

Rehearse at Gering Jr High, 7th & O, Tues. 7pm                 Genae Denver

VFW Lodge                                                                308-635-1711

2710 N 10th St, PO Box 213, Gering

Volunteer Bureau, Scotts Bluff County                     308-632-3736

PO Box 2363 , Scottsbluff

Volunteer Fire Department                                        308-436-2441

1025 M St, Gering


Western Nebraska Chamber Players                           308-635-3606

WNCC, 1601 E 27th St, Scottsbluff                                     Dale Skornia

Western Nebraska Legal Services                               308-632-4734

1423 1st Ave, Scottsbluff

Western Nebraska Safety Coalition                           308-635-1921

Oregon Trail Plumbing 1105 W 26th St, Scottsbluff                 Kirby Case

Western Nebraska Juvenile Services                          308-436-2204

Wyo-Braska Cattle Feeders                                       308-632-1480

UNL Panhandle Extension Center, 4502 Ave I, Scottsbluff     Tom Holman